'Diamonds' e-book edition

'Diamonds' e-book available in all electronic formats

With the popularity of the electronic book market now firmly established, Noble Gems is excited to be in the forefront of this new technology with the introduction of 'Diamonds' e-book, available in MOBI, PDF and EPUB formats for eReaders of any kind.

Whether for Amazon Kindle, Kobo, Apple devices, Android or your laptop, you can now add this top-selling and critically acclaimed guide to diamonds to your growing e-book collection.

And, for its international readership, all the translated editions of 'Diamonds' are available as e-books too - in Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese), French, Hindi, Japanese and Russian.

DIAMONDS on electronic devices

Advantages of reading 'Diamonds' in a digital format

The many unique features of the digital format offer readers of 'Diamonds ' e-book a richly enhanced reading experience. The brilliant hues of natural coloured diamonds come alive on the screen with a greater vibrancy and sense of immediacy than on the printed page - short of the real thing, you can't get any closer to having diamonds in your pocket!

Other advantages are the searchable and linkable text, allowing you to find a particular term instantly, the ability to adjust the font size, add notes, bookmark a particular page - perhaps your favourite colour of diamond, or the chart of carat sizes - even send passages via Twitter or Facebook.

Noble Gems - future directions and aims

There are endless possibilities inherent in the digital medium, especially with multimedia features, and as publishers we are always looking ahead to ways we can develop these. For example we are planning to add a 'reader's voice' feature that will read the text aloud, for the benefit of visually-impaired users.

To use the language of gems - the future is full of multifaceted and sparkling possibilities!

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'Diamonds' can be easily downloaded to any type of eReader. You can also buy foreign language editions directly from Google eBookstore.

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If you are a user of Apple iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone, you can download 'Diamonds' e-book to your device. First you will need to install iBooks app from Apple AppStore, which you can do by following this link.

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Excellent work and brilliant presentation, a work of art to be cherished.

Freddy J. Hanard
(CEO, Antwerp World Diamond Centre)

The best guide of its kind to appreciating and learning about these precious gemstones.

Goldsmith magazine (March 2011)

Thoroughly interesting and informative... this book will appeal to the layperson and student of gemmology alike... an ideal pocket guide.

The Australian Gemmologist
(April-June 2011)

If you are going to buy just one guide to diamonds, this is the one to go for.

Bekim Prvetica
(amateur gemmologist)

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