Reviews of 'Diamonds'

Excellent work and brilliant presentation, a work of art to be cherished.
Freddy J. Hanard (former CEO, Antwerp World Diamond Centre)

A must for diamond lovers!
Finally a book that's easy to understand and with all of the information needed to know about diamonds. The new chapter about coloured diamonds is sensational! This is a must for everyone who wants their questions about diamonds answered. Well done Mr Dundek.
Gianluca Piermaria

This book is SO thorough and informative that no other book on diamonds is needed. I couldn't put it down! It even includes info on coloured and fluorescent diamonds, particular interests of mine.
D. J. Warlick

This fascinating book is a perfect introduction to the world of diamonds, reader friendly, easy to understand and beautifully illustrated.
The outstanding chapter on the natural fancy color diamonds really puts this book above all others.
Highly recommended.
Fatmir Hasani

Your book on 'Diamonds' is perfect material for me as a student lecturer, incredibly useful and a marvellous piece of work. It is so clear and well explained -- which, all too often, seems difficult to achieve. I really enjoyed it enormously.
Sarah H Williams (Gemmologist and Jewellery Hist., MA Hons, FGA, Dia. Dip HRD)

If you're looking for a guide to diamonds that's both comprehensive and easy to understand, you can do no better than this deceptively slim book. Besides covering all the essential information, what really sets it apart from other books of this kind is its excellent section on fancy colored diamonds, with descriptions and photos of diamonds that naturally occur in every colour of the rainbow. You'll soon have a good understanding of the factors that determine a diamond's value and even feel confident enough to choose a diamond yourself. I actually bought two copies of this book, I enjoyed it that much.
C J Walker

I found this book very useful and exactly what I was looking for. It's easy to read and understand. It was very interesting to read about the transformation of diamonds and what makes them special. Each cut and colour is explained really well and it's amazing how many different colours of diamonds there are. Great book!

A fantastic book!
Beautiful jaw dropping pictures. This book is the best book on coloured diamonds on the market today. Perfect for GIA, FGA students, collectors and all diamonds salespeople.
R. Bacchus

I purchased the first edition of this book when it came out years ago but this newest edition contains more information which I find even more useful and informative in my understanding of the diamond market. Beautifully re-worked, it is a book which is complete in its information yet easy to understand and answers the questions one might have about diamonds and purchasing them. My compliments to Mr. Dundek!
Barnes Scott Anthony

The first things to grab me when I opened this book were the fascinating colour images of diamonds in all their rich variety. I found the book very easy to digest, thanks to the clear and accessible language which avoids technical jargon, and is hugely informative. I especially enjoyed reading about the history of diamonds and how they were prized by different cultures. Highly recommended.
Omar Ismail

What a lovely way to be introduced to the fascinating world of diamonds. Easy to understand and beautifully illustrated.
Jamaine Jackson

The one to go for
As an amateur gemmologist with a keen interest in diamonds, I've read a number of books on the subject. However, this is the first time I felt compelled to write a review. If you are going to buy just one guide to diamonds, this is the one to go for. It has all the basic information on white diamonds you'd expect, but it gives equal attention to 'fancies' (natural coloured diamonds) along with lots of gorgeous pictures! There are other special features too which set it apart. All in all, this is the best value for money guide to diamonds you can find.
Bekim Prvetica

Diamonds - Simply amazing
Beautifully presented, this amazing e-book enables the reader (even the novice diamond enthusiast) to understand everything there is to know about diamonds! The book is so easy to understand and beautifully illustrated in full colour! Highly recommended! Now I have all the facts about diamonds I need in the palm of my hand! Thank you Mr Dundek.
Christopher John Walker

Enjoyable but not comprehensive
A very short book, an excellent introduction to diamonds that leaves you wanting and needing more.
Jason Duesbury

The only way to buy diamonds
Rarely is a book so easy to understand and so useful in explaining what determines the value of diamonds.
Ono Sayonara

Incredible book
Incredibly helpful guide to understanding diamonds. It also has high-quality, fantastic images, and is a really great book overall.
Juao Paulo

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Excellent work and brilliant presentation, a work of art to be cherished.

Freddy J. Hanard
(CEO, Antwerp World Diamond Centre)

The best guide of its kind to appreciating and learning about these precious gemstones.

Goldsmith magazine (March 2011)

Thoroughly interesting and informative... this book will appeal to the layperson and student of gemmology alike... an ideal pocket guide.

The Australian Gemmologist
(April-June 2011)

If you are going to buy just one guide to diamonds, this is the one to go for.

Bekim Prvetica
(amateur gemmologist)

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