Marijan Dundek, diamond consultant


Marijan Dundek is a leading authority on diamonds. In his professional career he has worked with and advised on some of the world's finest and most valuable diamonds. His passion for furthering knowledge about diamonds and the diamond industry led him to write the guide 'Diamonds', which has been highly praised by experts and organizations alike.

Born in Croatia in 1950, Mr Dundek has lived in London since 1971 and has travelled extensively around the world. He studied gemmology at the International Gemological Institute in Antwerp, and his experience working with gemstones in Brazil, New York, and Europe contributed to his knowledge and appreciation of diamonds. He worked with Graff Diamonds in London for 16 years.

As a diamond consultant, Mr Dundek has attended Sotheby's and Christie's high-value jewellery and gemstones auctions, where he has helped bidders acquire some of the world's rarest and most magnificent diamonds, including coloured diamonds in excess of 100 carats.

Mr Dundek's wide experience and knowledge of diamonds, along with his passion for the subject and commitment to responsible practices in the industry, have made him a notable authority in the field.